Some additional fees are standard costs in any transaction and other additional fees are determined by the terms of the purchase contract, contingencies, &/or title opinion.

Standard Fees

At Your Service Escrow closing fees:
Seller $275
Buyer $175
FSBO $399
Abstracting (Approximate):
Deed Preparation:
Revenue Stamps/Transfer Tax:
Based on the price of the home
ie: $200,000 home = $320
(Sale price - $500 x 0.0016)
Will pay September &/or March if due. If you are escrowing for taxes and insurance, you may be refunded the escrow funds after closing.
Tax Prorations:
Seller to provide Buyer with a tax credit on a per diem bases from July 1 to date of closing.
Courier/Wire Fees for Payoffs:
$30 approximately

Additional Costs, if applicable:

Based on percentage agreed to, if applicable
Mortgage Payoff
Will be slightly higher than the current statement balance to cover per diem through the closing date
Buyer’s closing costs:
If negotiated as part of the transaction
Termite Inspection:
Approximately $50 - $90
Termite Treatment:
Starting at approximately $750
Radon Inspection:
Starting at $125
Radon Mitigation:
Starting at approximately $1000
Home Inspection Remedies:
To be determined

*These Fees are approximate and are subject to change at anytime without notice. AYSE will do their best to keep the fee schedule as accurate as possible. We can provide a list of service providers for the above services or you can use a provider of your choice.

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