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Our Team is Experienced in:

Real estate and mortgage closings
And yes, even real estate

There are many ways to list a property, but very few avenues are solely dedicated to helping get to the closing table on time after an offer has been received.

Offered Received!

What do you do when you receive an offer? Is the buyer pre-approved to finance the sale? What are the contingencies and can they affect your move? What does it take to transfer clear title to the buyer?

We will take over and work with you to ensure that:

• The transaction progresses smoothly.

• Contingencies are released.

• Title issues addressed.

• The transaction closes as scheduled.

We will stay in contact with your buyer/buyer’s lender to ensure things are moving forward and they are ready to close on time as well.

We will calculate and furnish all closing costs, i.e.: tax prorations, payoffs, etc.

We will handle all transfer documentation.

And we will even attend closing with you or on your behalf!!

Your real estate closing partner!

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