For Sale By Owner

Selling on your own!

Our Team is Experienced in:

At Your Service Escrow can handle your closing including attending closing for you.  Once you have a negotiated contract, send that to us and we can take it from there - all the way through to the closing table.

We are here to help you throughout the transaction and to answer any questions/concerns you may have.  We even provide the necessary paperwork to get you started and attend closing on your behalf.   You don't even need to be here!

Our fee includes complimentary support in completing the purchase contract

Please note that each party would be unrepresented, just like an attorney based situation. 

Otherwise, it would create a conflict of interest for both parties.

We are here to answer any questions you may have!

Need a Purchase Contract? 
Disclosure Statements? 
We have them all!

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Offered Received!

What do you do when you receive an offer? Is the buyer pre-approved to finance the sale? What are the contingencies and can they affect your move? What does it take to transfer clear title to the buyer?

We will take over and work with you and your buyer's lender to ensure that:

  • The transaction progresses smoothly.
  • Title issues are resolved.
  • Closing costs including payoffs & proration are calculated correctly, and
  • The transaction closes as scheduled.

We will stay in contact with your buyer/buyer’s lender to ensure things are moving forward and they are ready to close on time.

We will calculate and furnish all closing costs, i.e.: tax prorations, payoffs, etc.

We will handle all transfer documentation.

And we will even attend closing with you or on your behalf!!

Your Time or Theirs? (ie: an attorney)

Unexpected Title Issues?
Years of experience have proven all kinds of unexpected situations that can arise on a title opinion.

• Unreleased liens.
• Stray deeds or mortgages.
• Unfortunate circumstances from the past.

Let us take the time, hassle & uncertainty out of closing so you can concentrate of better things – packing, moving, getting excited about your new home!

You SELL it; we'll CLOSE it!

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