Showing/Selling Tips

The number one goal on every buyer’s mind when they attend an open house or set up a showing is to see how their things will look in their new house. Some of ways you can help them achieve that goal – and encourage them make an offer – are:


Have the house as bright & airy as possible – open up curtains & turn on lights in all rooms – even in the middle of the day.


Have as few family members in the house as possible – determine who will host the open house / showing, and, if possible, have other family members leave the house during the showing / open house times.


If you have ‘portable’ pets, it may be a good idea to have the pets out of the house as well. You never know if a potential buyer may have allergies or even have a fear of a certain animal. And be sure remove or clean litter boxes!


If you are having an Open House and you have a screen door and an interior door together, try leaving the interior door open so they feel comfortable and welcomed coming in. Or hang a Welcome sign on the door. It’s also a good idea to have a sign in the yard or on the door confirming the times of the open house. You may even get a potential buyer just from the sign!


Clean! Clean! Clean! Declutter! Declutter! Declutter! You really can never do enough of this but be sure to have counters cleaned off, beds made, bathrooms scrubbed, no visible dirty dishes, etc! etc! etc! You may want to do a once over with a dust cloth as it’s amazing what will show up when you open all the blinds and turn on all the lights!


Not a bad idea to have visible garbage cans empty as well. You never know what odors could be lurking and it helps make a room look cleaner.


Light candles, spray air freshener, or even bake some cookies before they arrive. Never hurts to have the house smell warm & inviting when they walk in the door!


Have soft music playing in the background, or if, for example, its ‘Hawkeye’ season, you may want to have the game on quietly – it may encourage conversation between you.


If its winter, make sure the house is warm and cozy – light a fire if possible; or in the summer, make sure the air conditioning is working and the house is comfortable.


Welcome the potential buyer(s) and let them know you are available if they have any questions. Remember, you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed!

Good luck and remember to contact us when you receive that offer – or anytime if you have any questions.

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